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Oversized Timbers up to 300mm x 300mm (12"x 12")

We hold timbers up to 9.0 metres in stock.

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Welcome to Wood Green Timber

At Wood Green Timber Co. Ltd., London, and our Potters Bar Hertfordshire Yard we stock a comprehensive selection of timber suitable for a wide variety of uses. From floor joists to decorative mouldings, we have it all, in stock and ready to take away or for delivery if you prefer.

Our aim is to maintain high stock levels in order to satisfy all your building requirements immediately, however we are equally happy to source specialist requirements for delivery or collection at a later date.


1 to 1 Service.


Great Customer Service.

We aim to offer a one-to-one service. A member of staff will always be available to ensure you are served efficiently and effectivel.. Read More


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Oversized Timbers up to 300mm x 300mm (12"x 12").

We hold timbers up to 9.0 metres in length and 300mm x 300mm in stock. These can be cut to specific length using our cross cutting saw, and or milled to specific size.

Delivery to Buckingham Palace

Royal Delivery Service!

Two locations high stock levels to match your building requirements.

We source and deliver the latest products and materials in ever changing markets.


We pride ourselves on always providing first class products, service quote

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Forestry Stewardship Council ® (FSC ®) and The Programme for Endorsement of Forestry Certification (PEFC) work to ensure that the building materials we use today are sustainable to up to building regulations. Look for our FSC®-certified products.