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Personal Information Privacy Policy
To better explain how Wood Green Timber Co Ltd processes the information (data) we collect, we have divided it into the following sections:

InfoFriendly advice
always given.

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What We Collect and Why?

In relation to you (Account Data)
Your names, addresses, contact telephone numbers and email addresses, your banking details for credit checking and fraud prevention purposes. This information will be held on file for the duration of the trading period between our companies and for as long as HMRC require us to hold documentation.

In relation to telephone conversations
At present we do not record or store telephone calls. Our answerphone machine messages are erased daily. Any information we take during calls such as contact numbers, addresses for deliveries and any payment details are safely disposed of once used.

How We Store Your Data?

Wood Green Timber Co Ltd safely store data in paper form in locked filing cabinets or on our computerised account package system protected by password, all of which is accessed by administration staff only. Our computer network server is off-site in the UK and communication to the server is encrypted.

Who Has Access to Your Data?

Account data can only be processed by our accounts team. Financial data may be viewed by our auditing accountant for accounts purposes.

Whom We May Share Your Data With?

Selected portions of accounts may be shared with our auditing accountants, HMRC and legal authorities when we are legally bound to do so. We may also share your corporate information with credit reference agencies and other companies for use in credit decisions, for fraud prevention and to pursue debtors.

How Long Do We Keep Your Data For?

We will only keep your data for as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purposes we collected it for. These purposes include satisfying any enquiries, accounting, legal or reporting requirements.

Cookie Policy

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Most cookies are created to enable features on the website to work properly or to provide the site owner of the website with anonymous information about how the site is used so that they can make improvements to the user experience. Cookies such as this are known as 1st party cookies.

Cookies that relate to advertising are known as 3rd party cookies. Typically used by advertisers, this type of cookie sees which websites you have visited and then displays targeted adverts that are more relevant to you.

How we use cookies

Our website uses a 1st party cookie to find out how people are using our website and to make some features of the website work. This information is anonymous and cannot be linked to one individual. We use this information to enable us to continually make improvements to our website to make the user experience.

Below are details of the cookies used.

We do not use any other type of cookie.

What we do not do:

  • Store or remember any personally identifiable information
  • Send information to any other websites
  • Record your visit for advertising purposes

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